Should you look into the mirror?

The Firestorm team had a fourth birthday party recently that included a live performance and some free gifts. This should be a good thing right? Well we’ve done these parties for a few years and every time we get complaints from both content creators and live performers that they were excluded. I have decided that to address these complaints, so here it comes.

To those of you who feel left out or slighted, thinking that we as a team are showing favoritism. Starting with the content creators. We did not ask any of the creators to make the gifts that were/are given out, they volunteered to create these gifts and give them out for free. So if you’re one of those feeling left out it is simply because you did not offer to do it, NOT because you were not asked. If you want to complain to someone that you were not included stand in front of a mirror and complain all you want. As for the live performers the story is basically the same. If you’d like to do a live performance for free we may be interested, simply contact us and we’ll see what we can work out. If however all you want to do is complain that so and so is getting preferential treatment find yourself a mirror because quite frankly I am not interested in listening to any whining.


One thought on “Should you look into the mirror?

  1. Thank you Ed. Truly appreciate your openness and positive response (IMI).
    Was not aware of any FS birthday date at all b4, but now that i am, i like to offer my show for the next upcoming FS5B.
    With Light, Life & Love Yman Juran The ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow

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