The invasion of the grey people

Look out everyone, Second Life is about to be invaded by “The Greys”

SSA (server side appearance) is going grid wide this week according to a blog post  from Linden Lab

Here is hoping that you have updated to a SSA capable viewer already, if not then be prepared to become a “grey” as well as seeing a lot of greys around.


One thought on “The invasion of the grey people

  1. Okay, it’s November 15th 2013. I’m running the 4.4.0. version and its great! I still see gray or grey people. They say that their viewer is working fine, rendering great…which makes me wonder what they’ve been smoking. It’s insane, but there are still people who won’t upgrade, they say it’s too much trouble, etc etc et bloody damn cetera.
    Today should be interesting, since they won’t be able to get in if they’re running a Firestorm product. I just hope you guys don’t get deluged by “Can’t Log In” complaints; although I suspect you will. Some people can’t even find the room the clue machines are in, let alone have a quarter for one.
    4.4.0 is about the best product you have produced. Really enjoying it.

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