Is Firestorm the right viewer for you?

Maybe, maybe not, that depends on you, your computer, and what you do in Second Life.

If you are new to Second Life and a touch overwhelmed by all it has to offer then you would probably only feel more overwhelmed using Firestorm.
In this case I’d tell you to take your time, get used to Second Life on Linden Lab’s official viewer and once you are comfortable then decide if you want more from your viewer.

If your particular setup (by that I mean hardware and software) does not run Firestorm reasonably well, then again maybe not.
Some computers hardware do not “like” the default settings, sorry but there is no one size fits all. If you are willing to play around with the viewer settings most people can have a “relatively” trouble free Experience. Yes software that you have installed and use on your computer can cause problems as well.

If you don’t trust people who are willing to provide you a viewer and support for free then once again, Firestorm may not be for you.
The Phoenix Firestorm team is made up of volunteers that do not recieve any monetary compensation for what we do. None of our developers QA or support team members get paid for what we do. Our code is publicly available for anyone to download, compile and check. We make a point of being open about what we do, and if we make a mistake (yes it happens, we are human) we own up to it.

If you want a simple viewer and do not want a lot of options as well as free support and inworld classes about the viewer then it may not be.
Firestorm is not a simple viewer. It is in fact one of, if not the most complicated available for Second Life. That is the price you pay for a viewer that gives you as many options as Firestorm does, and yes there are a lot of them. Want simple? Linden Lab’s official viewer is about as basic as it gets.

Still reading? In that case maybe Firestorm is the viewer for you. The only way you will know is by trying it.
We are happy to help you figure out what the preferences do. There are many ways to learn what the preferences do. There is our Wiki which you can access on the web as well as through the viewer (either through the help menu or the question marks you will find at the top right in most windows in Firestorm. There are our inworld support groups (in nine different languages) as well as our free classes.
We hold open question and answer sessions after our classes and at other times as well.
Help is available on the troubleshooting page on our Wiki if you have issues. There are also the inworld support groups and our Jira if you cannot find the answer on our Wiki.

So,,, is Firestorm the right viewer for you? Only you can answer that question. All I can tell you is that for some the answer is yes, for others it is no.
Linden Lab says “Your World. Your Imagination”
I say “Your viewer, your choice”

Lette Ponnier has written a companion piece that you may also want to read


3 thoughts on “Is Firestorm the right viewer for you?

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    • Hi Sunshine,

      The answer to your question is both no and yes. But mostly no.

      Firestorm is a “third party viewer” based on code that was shared by Linden Lab with the general public. That code technically makes up “V3,” the official Linden Lab viewer. Developers who are NOT affiliated with Linden Lab are able to take that code and customize it to add features, change the interface, and so on, and out of that work comes new viewers, such as Firestorm.

      So while Linden Lab provides the raw material for Firestorm to exist, they do not perform any of the work that makes Firestorm a different viewer from V3. That is entirely done by developers who belong to The Phoenix Firestorm Project, Inc., a registered non-profit organization that is not part of Linden Lab.


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