Firestorm 4.4.2 (emergency) release

By now most of you will have heard that there will be an emergency release coming out very soon. Please see the blog post at The reason for this is that while we were doing testing with Linden Lab for the SSA code there was a debug setting enabled that sends statistics twenty times as often as normal. No personal information is sent in those so its not a security issue. What it did was hammer the server well beyond what it is designed for. In simple words there are no privacy concerns.

Another thing about this release is that there should be no need for a full clean install of 4.4.2 as long as you are presently using the 4.4.1 release, and yes there are a lot of you that have updated. you can simplt uninstall the 4.4.1 program and install 4.4.2 For those who have not updated  to 4.4.1 please do a full clean install as described on our wiki.




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