Regarding complaints about Firestorm and its support

We get a fair number of people complaining in our inworld support groups about Firestorm. Some people seem to think that this means that their problems are because of the viewer. In some cases people complain from frustration and while we can understand that, it does not help and disrupts the chat which can cause people to not get answers. However some seem to only want to complain rather than get help. To anyone who fits in the latter category I have one thing to say. No one is forced to use Firestorm. You have  other viewers available to you, not only Linden Lab’s official viewer but any of the other TPVs (Third Party Viewers) and I wish you all the best while using them.

If you’re still reading this now perhaps you would really like some help rather than just want to complain. If so then please read on.

Others complain about the support that they receive, on our JIRA, our Wiki and in our official support groups inworld. Let’s talk about the JIRA first. We often get a backlog, especially right after we have a release,  in there and it may take time to get your issue looked at. Sorry to be so blunt about it but that’s just the way it is. In some cases it takes time for us to figure out just what is going on in your case, and there are some cases where we never can. Differences in computer hardware, operating systems as well as other applications that you have installed that may interfere with the viewer can cause this. Then there are those that complain that the Wiki is too complicated and hard to understand. To you I say come out to some of our inworld classes, we go through a large number of the preferences, menus and features explaining what they mean and do. There is an open question and answer session after our classes when you can ask questions, we will do the best we can to help you  understand things and in some cases we can even help you out with issues you may be having. Incidentally we also have some video tutorials up on YouTube, you can find a link to them on the Wiki or in the content menu in the viewer.

That brings us to our support groups. Chat lag is alive and well as anyone who is a regular in there should know. Add people who only want to complain into the mix and it can get very frustrating, for the support team as well as the users asking for help. Please do not come in and do nothing but complain, all that does is make things worse for everyone. State your question as clearly as you can in a single post and watch for suggestions or questions that may help us figure things out and come up with an answer. If you really want a simple way to look for solutions try the troubleshooting page on our Wiki. Common problems that we see, and a few not so common ones as well, are almost always on that page. You can access this page through the help menu at the top of your screen, just click on Troubleshooting. If neither the wiki or the group  can help you out I’d suggest dropping by to one of our classes. You might learn something there that helps, and if not ask after the class. Our teachers will do the best they can to try come up with a solution

One more thing I want to point out is this. All of the people on the team do what we do for free. No one from the team makes any money from our work either making, testing or supporting the users. We all do this because we want to improve peoples experience in Second Life. If you simply want to complain do it some place else and let us help those who really want help.


Its the end of the world,,,,,,,

As Phoenix users know it.

So Phoenix users have a new message on their login screen warning them that SSA will make Phoenix all but usable in the very near future. Just to be clear, to the best of my knowledge Linden Lab will flip the switch on at least one of the RC channels next week, and in the following weeks roll it out to even more of the grid until it is turned on grid wide. At that point anyone not on a  capable viewer will not be able to render any avatars, not even their own.

We have been trying to get people to move to Firestorm or any other SSA capable viewer so that the transition was easier. Now I can understand some peoples reluctance to change viewers. I personally hated Firestorm when I first started using it, however now I cannot use any other viewer, including Phoenix, comfortably. Yes it is different, yes it will take some getting used to. It does however have almost all of the features that were in Phoenix, plus some that Phoenix never did.

If you are one of those people who choose to use or at least try Firestorm  there is help available. To start with there is the Wiki which has pretty much everything you need to know about the viewer. We also have classes that cover the preferences, menus and some of the more advanced features. There are also the inworld help groups where you can ask for help. (of course there is chat lag to deal with there)



Firestorm 4.4.2 (emergency) release

By now most of you will have heard that there will be an emergency release coming out very soon. Please see the blog post at The reason for this is that while we were doing testing with Linden Lab for the SSA code there was a debug setting enabled that sends statistics twenty times as often as normal. No personal information is sent in those so its not a security issue. What it did was hammer the server well beyond what it is designed for. In simple words there are no privacy concerns.

Another thing about this release is that there should be no need for a full clean install of 4.4.2 as long as you are presently using the 4.4.1 release, and yes there are a lot of you that have updated. you can simplt uninstall the 4.4.1 program and install 4.4.2 For those who have not updated  to 4.4.1 please do a full clean install as described on our wiki.