A new release and the importance of a clean install

There’s a brand new release of Firestorm and there are a couple things you should know.

First is this, you really want/need to update to this release as soon as possible. Server side appearance (SSA formerly know as SSB or server side baking) is just around the corner and this release has all the available code in it. Without a SSA capable viewer you will soon not be able to see avatars properly.

Secondly, you want to do a clean install. The vast majority of issues people have on a new release are because they did not do a proper  clean install. If you’re on the 4.4.0 release remember to backup your settings. There are full instructions on doing a proper clean install on our wiki . The thing to remember here is that Firestorm has two folders, besides the program folder itself, that need to be empty or deleted in order for it to be a proper clean install. Save yourself some frustration and do it properly the first time.


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