Materials and Firestorm

Linden Lab released the new Materials  capable viewer yesterday and people are asking if it is available in Firestorm yet. The short answer is no it is not.  The next question is when will it be available in Firestorm. The short answer is when its ready.

Why is it not available yet? Well to start with until LL releases something like this it is against the TPV rules, no TPV is allowed to release a new LL feature until it is released by them. Secondly while Materials is a very cool feature the fact is that it still has some significant bugs that LL is working on fixes for.Such as the following
Glowing water:
Most notably seen on hairs that comprise of solid and alpha parts. On non materials viewers, this hair would appear all black as it should be
On materials viewers, the alpha parts render much lighter
* Some objects render with black textures – various different bugs for this, most notable any object that has transparency and glow render as black – black HUDs
* Legacy shiny is “too shiny”
* Projected light is broken when shining on objects that have transparency
* Mac users on 10.6.8 cannot enable ALM or they have severe rendering issues
Black rings in the sky:
Shiny objects and reflections render as white glow:

Thirdly, the Firestorm developers are still working on the merge to the previously released CHUI code. That needs to be done before they can merge the Materials code.

We do plan on having Materials in Firestorm, but it will not happen overnight. In fact it may take sometime before it is available in Firestorm as there are several things that need to be done before that code can be added, then tested and released.


2 thoughts on “Materials and Firestorm

  1. For what it is worth, not having Materials doesn’t break the world. Unlike SSA, for instance. Get SSA wrong and it wrecks everyone’s experience. Since Materials is an option, I’m not worried by the delay, much. Nothing is changed until somebody chooses to use it in a build, and they have to allow for not everyone choosing to see Materials.

    • That is the most naive underestimation of materials I have ever read. The technology is meant to change the general aesthetics of SL in a way that is by far not “optional” once people realize the potential. Currently, the only thing holding it back is V3 – arguably the worst viewer ever made.

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