Firestorm Classes

You may have heard that the Firestorm support team holds free classes that explain the preferences, menus and some of the features in the viewer. Features like the built in AO, and Contact sets which is one of the least known but extremely useful features in the viewer. We also have a couple classes that can apply to any viewer. There is a class on lag that can help you understand and even reduce the effects of lag in some cases.  There is also a basic troubleshooting class that can give you some ideas on finding out where your problems originate.

So why should you consider attending the classes? Aside from the obvious fact that you may learn what some of the preferences do and learn to set up and use some of the cool features, we’ve found that those who do come out wind up having a lot fewer issues with the viewer and SL in general. There is also an open question and answer session after the classes where you can ask about anything at all, including help on issues you may be experiencing.

You can find the class schedule on our wiki at The schedule gets updated progressively. Class notes for all of the classes are always available at our main classrooms at


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