Why is Firestorm crashing on me?

There have been a number of complaints about the latest release of Firestorm (4.4.0). I personally have had more crashes since starting to test the 4.4.0 build and thanked the Firestorm developers for making a crash bug just for me.  I seldom crashed before starting to use the 4.4.0 build and found myself crashing once or twice a day minimum. That means there is a bug in the viewer, right? Well, let me tell you a story.

I run two PCs here — my main PC and one for streaming music — neither of which could be considered new or powerful. I have been using “Mouse Without Borders,” a software setup that lets you use one keyboard and mouse on multiple computers. To make a long story short, my streaming PC was down for a day, and I noticed that I did not crash at all that day. Next day, with the streaming PC running, it was back to crashing for me. A light went off in my head, and I get out the extra keyboard/mouse combo that I have, hooked it up and disabled Mouse Without Borders and ran that way for a week, with no crashes that were not related to Windows itself. Then just to be sure I re-enabled MWB and logged in to SL. You have already guessed that I crashed haven’t you?

Now, I am no expert despite what some may think (I describe myself as an information junky with a clue). It took me months (literally) to find out why I was crashing and, to be totally honest, it was pure luck that I did.

So, what exactly is my point? We have known for a long time that some programs will conflict with parts of the viewer code. Having Skydrive installed for example caused users to crash when uploading a pic. Just because you have not had problems in the past does not mean you won’t (I have used MWB for a couple of years now).
So the mystery got solved, and I am no longer crashing as much. The message I’m trying to get across here is that just because Firestorm is crashing, the reason may be someplace else on your computer. The fact is that if you make up your mind that you are crashing because of the viewer you may never discover the real reason for the crashes.