Phoenix/Firestorm Support

We get complaints about support a fair amount. Some of them may be justifiable, others are not. So let me explain what you do get as far as support for the Phoenix Team’s viewers.
The Phoenix Support Team is made up of volunteers who help people out because they like helping people. They are all reasonably knowledgeable about not only the viewer but about Second Life in general. That said, they do not have all the answers. So if they
do not have an answer that may be why.
They are sometimes percieved as being rude as well, and in some cases that is true. While the following is no excuse, it may help users understand why that happens on occasion.
The team members deal with answering the same questions repeatedly, answers that are on the Wiki. They deal with chat lag as well which as we all know is frustrating.
They also deal with frustrated users whose patience is worn thin because they cannot get their problems solved. Try listening to people complain about things for several hours a day and see how that makes you feel. Then add in the fact that a full 50% of
the issues we deal with are either the fault of the users PC or settings, to say nothing of grid or server side issues.
In short, the team is not perfect. The support is free, just like the viewer. In my opinion you are getting as good support as you get for most things you actually pay for.


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