Firestorm or Phoenix?

So,, by now you probably all know that we have a new Phoenix release out that lets you see and upload mesh. Its out  and available for all that want it. I personally will not be using it. Firestorm is my viewer of choice now, and frankly I would  encourage everyone to use it rather than Phoenix.. Have both installed and take your time getting used to Firestorm if you have to. Most people i have talked to say the same thing. “It took a while to get used to it but now i can’t go back to Phoenix” is something I have heard quite a bit. Personally I would have been content to let 1185 be our last Phoenix release as it was the most stable release we put out. However you wanted it and now you have it. Please be aware that eventually all V1  based viewers will be less and less usable as LL adds new features that are V2 based, and turn off services that the V1 code uses. The Phoenix team has always been about  giving you choices and that is what they have done once again. My choice is  Firestorm and I hope you will all give it try.


4 thoughts on “Firestorm or Phoenix?

  1. When they make an option for a full v1 UI in Firestorm, fix notifications to put them back on the top right, and add back persistent always fly and true online status, I’ll be glad to use Firestorm. In the meantime, I’ll be loving this new Phoenix release and encouraging everyone to download it, so the development team will realize how many people LOVE this viewer and want updates to continue. Vote with your downloads, everyone!

  2. Firestorm gives me the shits with all the havin pics go nuts on the screen & havin to click ‘copy to inventory’ then go thru em all again to click ‘ok’ a zillion times when opening a texture pack…I open like at least 10 a day so it is a real pita let me tell fact I have an unopened textures folder for all the days when I just cant face doin it! In fact a lot of the building related side of it is definitely lacking…HOWEVER!…
    I got off my sore lil butt n went to classes & learned how to use my viewer…strange notion that aint it…actually makin my own efforts to see what makes it tick?…I even read the wiki !!! Funnily enough havin done them things (although the building side of the viewer lacks) I kept it because other things were awesome & I figure this…we all gotta go to LL bloody code too bad what we want is their game n they make the rules…yes folks it IS actually a game! Sooo I figure the smartest way to go is stick with Firestorm n just keep learnin new ways of doin stuff with them coz there is plenty of support & the devs DO read what we want & try to accommodate our needs but of course need to address the needs of the many before the few. So if ya dont like it…USE it & point out what’s wrong & recommend changes & get others to follow suit FFS let’s just get one decent damn viewer happenin so we can let devs concentrate on it!!
    Now there are gonna be loads of moans n groans n I can just about guarantee 80% maybe even more are too damn lazy arse to do a fresh install & totally get rid of old viwers so…I say to you…tough shit it’s YOUR problem
    OOps sorry Ed forgot this was your rant….slinks out hopin ppl will see what she means

  3. Just actually got this link from the Phoenix/Firestorm help group. I must say that I loved Phoenix because it was so much like the old SL viewer of yrs gone by. And coming back to SL after a period of absence and seeing the LL viewer 2 was scarey to say the least. I have switched to Firestorm and although I did love the Phoenix viewer, I can see vast improvements in speed among other things with the FS viewer. I do recommend switching to FS because once you do and you learn how to use it, you will not go back to Phoenix.

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