Bandwidth settings,,,,,

The Phoenix Support team gets lots of people reporting things like “I can’t teleport and I’m only wearing 29 scripts”. When asked what their bandwidth is set to they say “I maxed it out” or set it higher than the default,  Probably because more is better right? Well I’m going to tell you right now, it ain’t so. many of these peoples issues disappear once they  drop their bandwidth to  one of the setting recommended by the Phoenix support team. They generally recommend maximums of 500 for any wireless connection, 1000 for hardwired DSL connections, and 1500 for any faster hardwired connection. See this page for a more detailed way to  determine bandwidth settings. Lette Ponnier from the team has a great analogy that I am going to unabashedly steal for this rant that explains it well.

So you have a keg of beer that you want to bottle. You get the keg , a bottle and a funnel and start pouring it in the bottle using the funnel. If you pour it slowly then you don’t spill any. Pour too fast  however and the beer spills out and you waste beer. You could try a bigger funnel, but will still wind up spilling beer if you pour too fast, and everyone knows that wasting beer is bad. (Don’t like beer? Substitute  your favorite beverage)

The same works with bandwidth, if you try get too much then some will be lost. That means the information sent to you from the servers may get  “spilled” and lost, and thus  cause issues. Now I know that someone out there will say “I have maxed my bandwidth and have no problem”. Well good for you, but not everyone will have the same results. The suggestions that the team makes are from observation of what works for the majority of people. Just for the record, it is not just teleports that are affected by  your bandwidth setting, that is just the most common one i see. So please do not max out your bandwidth as in most cases you will only be  creating issues,, and Second Life already has enough of them if you have not noticed.


Firestorm or Phoenix?

So,, by now you probably all know that we have a new Phoenix release out that lets you see and upload mesh. Its out  and available for all that want it. I personally will not be using it. Firestorm is my viewer of choice now, and frankly I would  encourage everyone to use it rather than Phoenix.. Have both installed and take your time getting used to Firestorm if you have to. Most people i have talked to say the same thing. “It took a while to get used to it but now i can’t go back to Phoenix” is something I have heard quite a bit. Personally I would have been content to let 1185 be our last Phoenix release as it was the most stable release we put out. However you wanted it and now you have it. Please be aware that eventually all V1  based viewers will be less and less usable as LL adds new features that are V2 based, and turn off services that the V1 code uses. The Phoenix team has always been about  giving you choices and that is what they have done once again. My choice is  Firestorm and I hope you will all give it try.