Clean Installs…..

The support team will often tell people to do a “clean install”.  Sadly a fair number of people don’t seem to understand what that is, or why they should do one. So todays rant is about clean installs,, the how and why they are needed.

First what we mean by a clean install. When you install  Firestorm there are 3 folders  created (for windows at least). One is in the programs section on your PC. Using an uninstaller usually gets rid of that one. Note that i said usually, it never hurts to check that that folder is really gone after running the uninstaller. A second folder is  created for your cache, and a third for your user settings and chat logs. It is important that you either delete or rename these folders so that they are not used by the new, clean, install  Please do NOT use any of the old files from those folders, that defeats the purpose of a clean install.. There are full instructions on the wiki (you did RTFW right?) at .

Okay so why do we ask you to do a clean install?  Well, when we do a new release there are almost always some major changes. Skin changes, new settings and preferences, all sorts of changes. If  for any reason  the old files are there then you may wind up with a problem. Then you may end up asking for help and get told “Please  do a clean install” anyway. Yes we realize its a pain to have to redo all your settings, as a matter of fact we know the pain far better than most of you may think. As a so called “perk” of being on the team we get to test  builds almost everyday. This means doing a clean install to make sure that any issues with that build are actually related to that one, not some leftover from a previous install. When we get  close to a release we may have to test  more than one build in a day. The mesh beta release for example. There were four,, yes 4, builds  put out for testing in one 24  hour period, and that meant  four clean installs in one day. So trust me when we say we  know the pain of resetting your settings.

So please, when you are asked to do a  clean install, make sure you do. It will make things simpler for both you, and the support team.



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