Why not just stick with the Phoenix code?

People say "You've managed to keep Phoenix pretty much up to date with 
LLs changes so far" and then ask "why not just stick with Phoenix?"  
Well we have and we have not at the same time. The mesh code for 
example was, for the most part, done by  the Cool viewer
team and took them months to  port into the V1 code. In Firestorm the 
same code took 2 weeks for the devs to add. Personally I agree
with the majority of the dev team that focusing on Firestorm 
development is the way to go. It will allow us to keep up with new
features from Linden Lab in a timely manner and thus allow you, the 
user to be able to use these features sooner.

So you’ve been told to clear your cache……

It seems that anytime someone has an issue , someone else will say, 
"clear your cache". Well lets look at what happens  when you 
login with a full cache first, then we will compare it to logging in 
with an empty cache. You login and the viewer says, oh we need this 
texture, that one and that one,, and so on, lets grab them from the 
cache,, and then applies them. Then the textures render (rez) for you.
 Simple enough, right? 
Okay so lets  look at  what happens when your cache is empty.
You login and the viewer says, oh we need this texture, that one and 
that one,, and so on, lets grab them from the cache,,oops they aren't 
there. then it asks the server for them  adds them to the cache and 
applies them. Not only does this take more time but also uses bandwidth 
both on your end and server side. This is not  to say there are times 
you  should clear your cache, but doing so on a regular  basis, or 
when it is not needed is just a bad idea.

Hi All :)

Welcome to Ed Merryman’s Rants. This is where I will be posting information that I feel is important to the users of both the Phoenix and Firestorm viewers, as well as general suggestions and opinions about Second Life. For those of you who don’t know me I am the manager of the Phoenix Viewer Projects Support teams. Some of the posts I will be putting up here will be familiar to those who have attended the Phoenix or Firestorm classes as things that i tend to rant about, hence the name for this blog. I’m no typist so the posts should all be pretty short.